SPC/GIZ Regional REDD+ Project.
Forest Conservation in the Pacific Island Countries.

PNGFA carrying out National Forestry Inventory

A team comprising staff from the Papua New Guinea Forest Authority (PNGFA) Forest Research Institute, the Binatang Research Centre, NFI/FAO Project Team and other PNGFA staff have embarked on a National Forest Inventory.  The week of 20th May 2019, the team were carrying out the inventory in Central Province in Kupiano and Lako.

Source and Picture Credits: Fay Duega, PNGFA Public Relations Officer
Species collected from the plots being transported. In the picture (orange coat) is the landowner on whose land the NFI work is taking place – a good partnership between PNGFA and landowner.
Kai time, lunch break during the survey.
Grace from Binatang Research Centre sharing duties – one of the two women involved in the NFI work at Lako.
Investing in the future, young man ready to plant his tree.
A Rosewood Tree in the forest.
Explaining text on the ribbon.
Getting ready for soil assessment.
Soil Expert, Nalish Ram (with cap), explaining to FAO/NFI Project Technical Advisor, Dr Abe, their findings.
National Forestry Inventory Team before leaving for field work at Kupiano.