SPC/GIZ Regional REDD+ Project.
Forest Conservation in the Pacific Island Countries.

Vanuatu celebrates National Forestry Week

Vanuatu National Forestry Week was successfully launched on the 20th August in Saama village, North Efate with the theme to continue encouraging our communities and students into the habit of planting trees. The Forestry Department through REDD+ was joined by REDD+ National CSO Platform and Efate REDD+ network in launching the campaign. The team will continue tree planting in Onesua Presbyterian College on the 21st August and to Eton village on Thursday 22nd August.


Samson Lulu,

Extension and Outreach Officer

Vanuatu REDD+

The Ser-Thiac family, owners of Loru Rainforest.
From father to son, instilling good practices to the next generation.
Lunch is served for all hardworking participants at the tree-planting event.
Investing in the future, young man ready to plant his tree.